Feb. 4th, 2010

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It's 3:30 AM.

I'm reading a book that I have to turn in in 5 hours.

But, I can't concentrate because I'm daydreaming.

I'm a serious daydreamer. I love to imagine stories, be it someone else's story or my own. Sometimes I do a crapload of self-insert into those stories. It's less serious if it's a self-insert in my own fantasy, but if I do a self-insert in someone else's story, it feels harder to pull myself back to reality.

I just had another semi-self-insert fantasy a while ago after reading a webcomic... this one: http://www.thedreamercomic.com/

American history has never been this sexy. Well, an American history expert can disagree with me on this. Definitely.

Somebody shoot me.

In short, daydreaming gets scary when you look around again and find yourself in front of a computer, and a book that you've barely turned a page.

I'm not afraid of not finishing stuff on time.

It's a more abstract fear, almost like waking up. Something's hit you in the head. More like pinching, actually, and I can point to you the precise region of my brain where I feel the pinching. It doesn't hurt, but it tickles and it generates anxiety.

But then I gotta go out and eat and study and talk to people, and then I'll be putting this behind me.

And need to go to the bathroom after I'm done writing this.

I'm taking advantage of writing LJ entry about my own personal psychological drivel because:

A. I'm more emotionally expressing as the night grows darker.
B. I think I sound smart.
C. I'd rather do this than reading a book.
D. I need food. Nao.


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