Mar. 5th, 2010

Fuck you lj

Mar. 5th, 2010 11:47 am
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Fuck you and your constant harrassment with advertisements!

Maybe I'll try to give a shit about your ads when I'm 60 and has arthritis.

Now I'd like to go TAKA TAKA on my keyboard so I can do LJ before class starts!

Played tarot earlier this morning to figure out if I should go to lab or not. Tarot card gives a majority of yes. Kinda reluctant. But, then I realized, maybe it's not talking about the lab that I'm currently working at, but the ones I will be going to in the near future.

So I went there.

And, it's dinghy. But, it's nice. Helped the lab buddies build an Ikea rack. Ehhhhhh.... never been a good fan of Ikea, but hey, this looked simple enough. A lot simpler than the cabinet in the apartment that kept falling apart.

I'll upload a picture I have on to the LJ later in the evenings.

I COULD have used the morning to study for the AIDS exam next Tuesday, but that didn't happen  :p Ah well, cram night tonight for me... Still got a crapload of things I need to get done: 1. Cell Bio readings 2. Cell Bio lab report 3. AIDS review 4. Articles for History

If I can get #1, 2, 4 done this weekend while still finish #3, my weekend will be perfect.

Here's to hoping that the debate night tonight will be a good turnout!

Whelp, to class!

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