Mar. 22nd, 2010

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I wanted to get a WHOLE lot of things done, but I only got half done.  :-/

Well, they're not IMMINENT, soooo... that's a good thing.

I'm somewhat envious of my friends who got to go to Puerto Rico during the break. Eh, somedays.

Still need to get done with grant proposal's executive summary, film review, powerpoint presentation on ALS, paper this Thursday (just need to spend ~1/2 hr every day to revise till then), a diorama on clocks, and study study study for test on this Friday.

And oh yeah... had a speech to prepare for next Monday -_- Gotta call and make sure the guest list is 100% solid RSVP tomorrow!!!

On another news, I've chosen a NEW signature! It's short and sweet, and I have my friend "notsospecialgirl" to thank for this!

Whelp, till then!


So Moe!!!

Mar. 22nd, 2010 11:35 am
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There were two moe's I saw today:

1. There's this car that's SO SMALL I CAN'T EVEN! Really, really small, maybe it'll just fit ONE person, two people at the most, and it's painted in bright yellow! It's like a bumblebee!! Bumblebee car, man!

2. On the bus back to class, average nerd guy (fairly lean) in grey sweater and glasses, carrying big binder and umbrella rushing into the bus. Few minutes later, another guy in black leather jacket and jeans, carrying back pack, and has stubbles, comes into the bus. Turns out Nerd Guy and Leather Guy are friends! Nerd guy seems to have European accent. But nevermind that! The fact that they're friends is SO MOE!

Yes, I know they're straight, but STILL!

In other news, my ALS presentation is April 8. That will give me some time, including studying for two exams on the 5th and the 6th.



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