Apr. 11th, 2010

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The above title is a reference to my deviantart account.

I started it because a few of my friends had dA, and I wanted to follow their works.
However, not being an artist myself, I HAD no other use for it.

I HAVE thought of using it to post my poetry stuff, but since I had other places to serve as my creative outlet, dA wasn't that big of a deal for me.

Until last night, when I finally wanted to start drawing.

See, I wanted to start a webcomic. Presumeably somewhere between 2012 and 2013 (I'm practical like that) about my post-graduate life. (Oooooh, creative... right... like that hasn't been done already <_<)

Either that, or a comic-version of a story I've been thinking up for the past 3 years now. Much is still in planning, and not a lot of work has been done, but talking to friends have helped me out. Especially when I'm talking to you about it, man. Thanks!

In any case, so far only 4 pics have been up on my dA account. Of all the fanarts, who would've thought Alicia of Dipan would be my first target?

Drawing is hard. It definitely is. Took me 3 hours to draw these. Every detail matters. It's not about drawing EVERY detail, but choosing the one that matter makes all the difference. You don't know this unless you've actually picked up a pencil and start scribbling on paper, trying your damndest to draw a quasi-decent picture.

So, instead of studying hard for my classes yesterday, I wasted my time :p

I also finished another poem. I think from now on, instead of posting poems here, I'll post them on dA, and I'll update here whenever I updated something on my dA.

Till then!


EDIT: Just flooded my dA with a bunch of my poetry stuff....
EDIT2: I finally got around to check out this OGLAF. MAN! I've never seen this MANY asses and titties and dicks!!! Not that it's a bad thing o3o


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