Jun. 27th, 2010

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Okay, here's what's happening.

I'm in front of a laptop with a purpose. Or at least I tell myself. I promised myself to finish certain fics. Now that I made the promise to finish a fic for Honeydew Syndrome (A three-part fic), I now have 3 fics to work on. (Hooray for personal projects!)

Sadly, I tend to have writer blocks, as I would for normal academic research papers. And, I would wait it out.

That's obviously not working out because I just wasted 5 beautiful hours of my life DDDDDDDX

I'm gonna try a different approach. After posting this, I'm gonna turn off this computer. Get out notebook and pen, and write things the old-fashion way, while staying locked in my room until I'm done.

Yep. Nothing will disturb me. Except my occasional sex fantasy.

I'm still not able to draw people. For some reason, bony cheeks and angry eyes are a pain! That and fingers. <_<

I've been pushing off a fanart for over 3 months now, too :( This doesn't look good.

But, I feel that... there's something to drawing for comic that's different from real life drawings. You get to... omit certain features of the human body, and it would STILL look unique and cute. How do these artists do that?! That's the freaking essence of Chibi drawing! :D

... I forgot what Tade and Durante look like already... I'm shipping these two bros for the bromance! Is that possible? Shipping a couple that's NOT a romantic couple?



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