Aug. 3rd, 2010

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I applied for private loan this year. Sallie Mae has already sent the message to my school. 

Yesterday I saw it on my account.

So, why did it disappear today?! O_O Do I not deserve to get the loan?! 

I sincerely hope this is just a part of the glitch in the process. If nothing progresses tomorrow, I'm calling fin. aid office.

In other news, I have an ulcer at the back of my throat (suggestions for remedy, anyone?). I imagine it's because of the increasing stress load I've been having. 

1. Classes are coming up (need to get textbook), not sure if I'll make it through alive.
2. Stupid standardized testing made me realize how much I've forgotten over the last 4 years O_O Well, make the best out of the next 6 months or so before actually taking the test.
3. Money for tuition. Fin aid, please help make this happen.
4. Experiment, will it work? Transfection has been sucking lately. Let's hope it's only because of the cell types and not the plasmid. Because the latter is MUCH more difficult to produce than the former. Well, not difficult, but very tedious, nontheless.

In other, better news, I finished the prologue. So, that's something worth celebrating. Now I can move on to Chapter 1.

I think I'll draw something today. Maybe. I use Valkyrie Profile as warm-ups.



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