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While diligently studying for Cell Biology, I got distracted by something from Hetalia fandom.

My god... I didn't think Germany X US would be possible, but OHHHHHHH!!!! It's there! It's awesome! And I nearly cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even if it's not a hetalia-based story, I'd read it, and LOVE IT!!!!!! It's that good...

Oh, I'm crying again... Alfred and Ludwig are so sweet on one another T_T And then there's Gilbert... and Feliciano (for a little bit), and Elizaveta... never before have I seen Hungarian being put into the spotlight like this one. This fanfiction is wonderful!!!

This fanfiction also has me totally convinced to start learning German next year. http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/11411.html?thread=24226195#t24226195

If you're not part of the hetalia community fandom, you won't be able to read the sex scene. You're not missing much if you skip that chapter, but that chapter also has a delightful bit beforehand of Alfred attempting to communicate with Ludwig's brother in German, albeit unsuccessfully. (So adorable...)

Read "Die Buchhandlung"!!!

Okay, gotta get back to mitotubules now.


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