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It's done...

I never thought that day would come, but when it does, I don't know what to say... T_T

It met my expectations! It's not everyday that I read a story and didn't bitch about how it SHOULD'VE ended.

I think it's because Hiromu Arakawa-sensei really took to heart the concept of "Lesson with sacrifice". The characters all struggled and worked so hard for the things they wanted.

Some people lost their lives. Some lost something very important to them. What I do like, however, is how the characters grew and learned the price they must pay for protecting the things they hold dear. Mrs. Bradley is one of the many good examples of that. I liked the fact that she is no longer a fuhrer's wife kept sheltered from the truth out there. She knew her "son" is a monster, and yet she still has hope for sharing a happy life with him. That takes courage. And, she earned my respect right there.

And Greed... aww :-/ He really came around for Ed, Al, and most importantly, Ling. Part of me wondered what would've happened if he managed to survive. But, Ling's got to count on himself to get his shit done someday rather than counting on some godly power if he wants to be a good emperor for Xing.

Roy, I don't know if he still wanted to be a Fuhrer in the future. Maybe I missed out on it, but I'm curious what he saw that forced him to trade his eyes at that time. Regardless, whatever it was, that experience really changed him, somehow... He IS gonna be very busy now, as he had always (?), but the promise he made to Ishvalians, hmm... I don't want to jump to conclusions. "The punishment for the dreamer". His original desire to be a fuhrer. Not that it's unattainable, but he needs to perhaps build a "better foundation" and go from there to be truly qualified for the position as a leader. Setting his goal on revising the policy for the Ishvalian is a smaller goal, but it keeps him "grounded", in my opinion.

What do I know? :p

Ed and Al... you guys have been awesome. Looking out for each other's back until the very end. You did not hesitate to give up things important to you for the other. So many things I wanna say about you guys, but I'm gonna keep it short for you two. Because this blog post will suffer if I start going on and on about you two like a fucking opening floodgate.

I'm happy for you two. I really am. And, no matter how much you guys have changed, I'm so happy to see that you two never stopped being silly duos. :D

Whelp, that's all the rants I wanna say about the ending for FMA. I'm looking forward to Arakawa-sensei's next work. I did not like FMA at first, but the manga really drew me in. It's silly, learning from a manga. (Hey, I learned a lot from a lot of manga and anime. *Cough*Utena*Cough*) I think FMA is by far my favorite Shonen manga, just like how Utena's my favorite Shoujo. That won't change for a LOOONG while.

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