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Nothing much is going on today.

I just hope that today, in spite of all the craziness, I will still be able to find time to draw/write.

But, yeah, studying and applying for financial aids come first.

Slow meeple is slow... :(

On a much brighter note, went to 2 parties last night. One hosted by History of Science. Dude, how often is it that your own advisor hosts a party that has BEER! Unfortunately, he won't be serving whiskey XD Oh well... I might have whiskey tonight when I study for virology (Must... ace... viruses!!).

And, then there's the farewell party for our club president who's graduating this semester (We'll miss you, Issa! You've been wonderful! <3) We had Coldstone Cake, but it was small. Didn't get to have a piece (Oh well)

That said, I'm gonna make sure our club stops ordering from Papa John. There's another pizza place that's so awesome! I think it's called Mangia??? Anyways, they had Greek Pizza, and pizza styled in the color of the Italian flag!

Next time we ordered an Italian flag pizza, I'll take a picture of it and post it here on deviantart. Granted, it won't be considered "Artistic", but well, ITALIAN FLAG! *KERMIT HAND FLAIL*

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I finally figured out why I've been down lately.

People around me are talking about graduating and stuff.

I'm still here.

I'm fucking stuck for another year, and a ton of my friends will be gone a month from now.

I still have my upcomign sernior friends, but STILL D:

I feel that everyone's moving, and I'm still stuck where I was years ago!

Am I actually smarter and wiser? I don't feel it -_-

I just need to know what medical school I'll be going to in the future, but that won't be until maybe 3 years from now.

Till then, I can only deal with this one at a time.

Here's to the future!


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The above title is a reference to my deviantart account.

I started it because a few of my friends had dA, and I wanted to follow their works.
However, not being an artist myself, I HAD no other use for it.

I HAVE thought of using it to post my poetry stuff, but since I had other places to serve as my creative outlet, dA wasn't that big of a deal for me.

Until last night, when I finally wanted to start drawing.

See, I wanted to start a webcomic. Presumeably somewhere between 2012 and 2013 (I'm practical like that) about my post-graduate life. (Oooooh, creative... right... like that hasn't been done already <_<)

Either that, or a comic-version of a story I've been thinking up for the past 3 years now. Much is still in planning, and not a lot of work has been done, but talking to friends have helped me out. Especially when I'm talking to you about it, man. Thanks!

In any case, so far only 4 pics have been up on my dA account. Of all the fanarts, who would've thought Alicia of Dipan would be my first target?

Drawing is hard. It definitely is. Took me 3 hours to draw these. Every detail matters. It's not about drawing EVERY detail, but choosing the one that matter makes all the difference. You don't know this unless you've actually picked up a pencil and start scribbling on paper, trying your damndest to draw a quasi-decent picture.

So, instead of studying hard for my classes yesterday, I wasted my time :p

I also finished another poem. I think from now on, instead of posting poems here, I'll post them on dA, and I'll update here whenever I updated something on my dA.

Till then!


EDIT: Just flooded my dA with a bunch of my poetry stuff....
EDIT2: I finally got around to check out this OGLAF. MAN! I've never seen this MANY asses and titties and dicks!!! Not that it's a bad thing o3o
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It was a tough decision to make...

Skip the last 30 minutes of class, missing my chance to pick up my exam, and be anxious about it all the way till Monday, and go to the clinical training....

Or skip the training and be a good student.

I picked the former.

I can't say I didn't regret doing it, but either way, I'd have learned something valuable.

Clinical stuff... It's serious business. If you got the street smarts, chances are, you'd be a natural at it. Is all I could say.

Sadly, I will need to TRAIN for my street smarts.

Any volunteers who's willing to help a brother out?


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I woke up later than usual on a weekday.

I needed the refreshment, I suppose.

I'm full of energy right now, but I can't help but shake off that anxiety.

Oh yeah... my goddamn back-to-back exams next week that I'm still feeling not so good about. *sigh*
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Whelp, Cell Bio didn't go as well as I had hoped. Here's to hoping that when I get my test back, I get earn some points back, too.


Last night was amazing in that I got to meet with a friend from South Africa. Carole Baekey's her name. Eee!!! Carole's so awesome! She took time from her busy schedule (right after work, she came to the dinner party that was arranged by her friend).

At DC, EVERYTHING'S pricey! But, hey, only having to pay 35 buckaroonies, it's not as bad as I thought it would be to be perfectly honest. The food was nice. And, since it was an Italian restaurant. I pretend to have a domineering German aura when I eat. Ahh... Eating Hetalia... I ate this ravioli dealio that has potato stuffing in it... it was called... something starting with "Gro-" something.

Could it be Ludwig and Veneciano's secret fruit of their love??? Only time will tell! (GermanyxItaly shipper... and a little bit of Germanyx Prussia... preferably Prussia as the one who tops... ooh... maybe there should be a PrussiaxGermanyxItaly threesome!!!!! Why hasn't ANYONE thought of that?! Hm... should I bring Poland into this orgy? Not England, though, you need to get England drunk to get him to sleep with anyone, to be honest)

I got to meet a twin sister of a friend of mine. My god, even though they "look" the same. Immediately right when you look at them both, you KNOW who is the crazy one.

However, I leave that a mystery. I think they'd prefer that, too.

Hm, what else???

AHHH!!!! I GOT TO SEE AKSHAY!! MOST AWESOME INDIAN GUY I'VE KNOWN!!! And possibly the only guy who caught my ninja camera skill. <_< Must train MOAR!

Well, most people I know are sitting at one table, so I ended up choosing another table where... I have no idea who anybody is. It was great! I got to meet a Hopkins alumni, 2 guys, umm... they were representing... Peace Sport? Peace Play? I'm... not sure. Tom and Brian, I believe. (I remember "Tom" because the first Tom I know was the Myspace Tom, so THAT was easy to remember :D) I know too many Brian's XD

Also got around to meet Nicola and her husband (I THINK he's her husband...) Funny guy, that. The whole table talked much about South African politics. I... know nothing. So, I took the role of "ABSORBING". (South African British accent is wonderful... :))

Dr. Ball recommended me to read My Traitor's Heart. Yeah... It's been on my list for a while. I just never got around to make the time to pick it up from the library. (Sorry, Graham and Val. I remembered how often you guys encouraged us to read it! I have brought you great dishonor XD)

Ahh... there's so much I want to talk to Carole about, and a whole lot I'd like to talk about with Akshay, Steph, and Carole's brother, too. But, eh, when you're in a 70-people banquet, so many socialization, so little time :-/

Wheeeelp, at least I got their emails (Except Steph's, but since she's my friend's sister, good enough)

At least I found out from one of Carole's friend that everyone who knows Carole is pushing her to write her memoir/biolgraphy. I'm gonna join the bandwagon and push her to write a book so long as she's still walking.

Highlights of my day, highlights of my day, highlights of my day...

Oh yeah, at the bar counter, I got around to meet this guy named Tax Harris. Right. Got to remind myself that next time I go to Africa and meet Dave A, I'll let him know that "Tex Harris says hi"

Alright, gotta get back to finishing the ppt presentation tonight or I'm dead.



Mar. 23rd, 2010 03:02 am
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The flower covered the ground after that night of rain,

Day after day, once again we return to that time.

The needles on the clock, are looping on their own

And, the sky is slowly pushing the starry nights away.


Yet I still cannot sleep.

Drowning in this complete silence.

And, my memory is flipping back to that page.


“You were the first whom I had mustered the courage to walk up to…”

“I have nothing more I want, so long as you are by my side.”

But then that’s not it, is it now?

Because you are not here.

And, once again, I feel the flood coming.


I have overcome sorrow,

I have overcome regrets,

Yet whenever I thought of you, the ache’s never lighter.


There’s nothing more I can do

I can only find peace within this:

“May joy continue to fill your life.”


I tread on the same road, now softened by the rain

Moving on, never thought about picking up the pace.


But even so the time

Seems to be running faster now.

And, last year now seems so far away.


“Because of you, I tried to discard the person I used to be.”

“Because of you, I wanted to stand on my own but even so…”

But then that’s not it, is it now?

‘Cause no matter how hard I try

I can never ask for you to turn just this once.


I’d like to think I’m stronger,

I’d like to think I’m forgiven,

Yet whenever I think of you, loneliness’ never easier.


There’s nothing more I can do,

I can only find peace within this:

“May joy continue to fill your life.”


But then that’s not it.

‘Cause when I dream

I can’t recall your face.

And, I pulled myself back to who I was.


I’d like to think I’m stronger,

I’d like to think I’m forgiven,

Yet whenever I thought of you, ‘s not going away.


I have overcome sorrow,

I have overcome regrets,

Yet whenever I thought of you, I yearn to hold on.


Even though you no longer wait,

I only wish you’ll hear somehow,

“May joy continue to fill your life.”


And, may we one day cross our paths



So Moe!!!

Mar. 22nd, 2010 11:35 am
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There were two moe's I saw today:

1. There's this car that's SO SMALL I CAN'T EVEN! Really, really small, maybe it'll just fit ONE person, two people at the most, and it's painted in bright yellow! It's like a bumblebee!! Bumblebee car, man!

2. On the bus back to class, average nerd guy (fairly lean) in grey sweater and glasses, carrying big binder and umbrella rushing into the bus. Few minutes later, another guy in black leather jacket and jeans, carrying back pack, and has stubbles, comes into the bus. Turns out Nerd Guy and Leather Guy are friends! Nerd guy seems to have European accent. But nevermind that! The fact that they're friends is SO MOE!

Yes, I know they're straight, but STILL!

In other news, my ALS presentation is April 8. That will give me some time, including studying for two exams on the 5th and the 6th.

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I wanted to get a WHOLE lot of things done, but I only got half done.  :-/

Well, they're not IMMINENT, soooo... that's a good thing.

I'm somewhat envious of my friends who got to go to Puerto Rico during the break. Eh, somedays.

Still need to get done with grant proposal's executive summary, film review, powerpoint presentation on ALS, paper this Thursday (just need to spend ~1/2 hr every day to revise till then), a diorama on clocks, and study study study for test on this Friday.

And oh yeah... had a speech to prepare for next Monday -_- Gotta call and make sure the guest list is 100% solid RSVP tomorrow!!!

On another news, I've chosen a NEW signature! It's short and sweet, and I have my friend "notsospecialgirl" to thank for this!

Whelp, till then!


Am happy

Mar. 15th, 2010 08:55 am
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Found the Deja Vu youtube link :)

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Why am I talking about this?

I'm not a parent. I technically don't have the right to talk about this since I've never had to take care of a child.

But, I am someone else's kid. So, technically I SHOULD have the right to talk about this.

Earlier today at the mall, was sitting at the bench, waiting for some people to finish clothes-shopping (GAHH!!!), and then there's this mom that yells, "[INSERT NAME], GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" Then comes this little girl, probably around 5 or 6??? They were talking for a bit, not pleasant. The mom was obviously upset that the kid was wandering off, and the kid was trying to defend herself, somehow. And then she walked forward for a bit, then stops, then she looks at the mom for a while.

Then she starts running past her.

The mom rushes up to her, grabs her, then spanks her on the spot as she drags her down the mall.

The kid cried. End of the little snippet.

I also grew up in a family where they believe hitting a kid would set them right. But, being on that receiving end, it sucks. From what I know, my mom grew up in a very strict family, and she fucked up when she was a kid, but her parents didn't spank her.

When someone makes a mistake, it's only natural that they should learn why they did wrong. I think THAT is what's important.

Some people will argue that if you don't spank kids, they'll grow up running wild. "Spare the rod, spoil the child", right?

But, I think most parents spank because they don't know how to deal with kids. So, the only option, and possibly the easiest, is to scare kids into listening to their parents.

If you yell and hit your kid because you're angry at them running off, maybe there's a better chance that the kid won't run off next time. But, there's also a pretty good chance that the only reason why he/she isn't running off is because he/she's scared of that pain.

This is one possible mentality that kid will probably have: "The worst that will happen to me if I screw up is getting hit, so maybe I can just try to do things behind my parents' back. So long as I don't get caught, everything will be fine, right?"

Rather than being aware of WHY it's not good to wander off, ie. getting kidnapped, lost, and to an extreme, don't know how to survive on their own and run into all sorts of dangers, odds are, the kid will allow him/herself to commit the same mistake, so long as it's behind the parents' back.

I'm not saying that we should spare the rod or anything, but I think what really matters is if parents can successfully DRIVE important messages home to their kids.

"The reason why you shouldn't fuck up is that you'll earn a spanking if you do" <-I certainly hope you aren't still gonna spank your kids when you're old and in your 70's while they're in their 30's. Talk it out with them. Please. Kids will listen.

Just... don't feed kids with weird stories like my mom did. One of the things she told me when I was a kid was that, "If you step on books, books will curse you to be dumb", or "If you run off on your own, you'll be kidnapped, and then you'll get AIDS" <- um... yeah... she said that.

DISCLAIMER: Please do understand that I am very biased against spanking. If you feel otherwise, feel free to comment.

~Beautifully Grotesque and Grotesquely Beautiful~
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I don't know what got into me lately...

I got into 80's music again. Well, to be more precise, Japanese 80's music.

It's got that dynamic that I haven't heard for a loooong time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sf_ksiBYp0

God I love Rebecca!

And, Tokyo Babylon... I was looking for Seishirou's "Deja Vu", but I ended up finding this gem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24aR-7A6Tb0

No idea how I let this slipped my eyes all these years! And, it's got big white fluffy kitten at the end of the music video. FWUFFY KITTEHHHHH!!!!

I've also gotten back into old CLAMP's music, specifically Rayearth's image song. Some of them were absolutely stunning! CLAMP, your drawings were so pretty for Hououji Fuu <3 <3 <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX-DoRiyhsQ

... Oh, right, the photo that  I promised to upload of my glasses. Here :3 Sewn glasses

I'm not 100% proud of my sewing skillz, but it's decent enough to hold the glasses within the frame.

Till then

~Beautifully Grotesque and Grotesquely Beautiful~

Fuck you lj

Mar. 5th, 2010 11:47 am
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Fuck you and your constant harrassment with advertisements!

Maybe I'll try to give a shit about your ads when I'm 60 and has arthritis.

Now I'd like to go TAKA TAKA on my keyboard so I can do LJ before class starts!

Played tarot earlier this morning to figure out if I should go to lab or not. Tarot card gives a majority of yes. Kinda reluctant. But, then I realized, maybe it's not talking about the lab that I'm currently working at, but the ones I will be going to in the near future.

So I went there.

And, it's dinghy. But, it's nice. Helped the lab buddies build an Ikea rack. Ehhhhhh.... never been a good fan of Ikea, but hey, this looked simple enough. A lot simpler than the cabinet in the apartment that kept falling apart.

I'll upload a picture I have on to the LJ later in the evenings.

I COULD have used the morning to study for the AIDS exam next Tuesday, but that didn't happen  :p Ah well, cram night tonight for me... Still got a crapload of things I need to get done: 1. Cell Bio readings 2. Cell Bio lab report 3. AIDS review 4. Articles for History

If I can get #1, 2, 4 done this weekend while still finish #3, my weekend will be perfect.

Here's to hoping that the debate night tonight will be a good turnout!

Whelp, to class!

~Beautifully Grotesque & Grotesquely Beautiful~
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I had a vague memory of something awesome happening to me yesterday.

And I forgot. All I remember now is what I need to get done today. DAMN YOU PRIORITIES!!!

... that is all.

Note to self: Remind me to jot it down on LJ as soon as something awesome happens next time!!!

~Beautifully grotesque & grotesquely beautiful~
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[info]trenchkamen, as always, posts LOTS of goodies. One of them being this gem of a meme:

1. Reply to this meme by yelling "HEY KAMEN!", and I will give you five words that remind me of you.
2. Then post them in your journal and explain what they mean to you.
3. Keep in mind that if I don't know you that well, your words might end up kind of odd or weird.

And these are the words I got from her:

lab- Yeah... one of the few things that we have in common besides our love for Seishirou, Utena series, and Persona series. But, she's a ton more experienced in lab than I am. I know. I can vouch for that. On that note, though, I'm looking into doing a new project in this upcoming March.

Johns Hopkins- It's where I go for undergraduate studies. Really, I should've left BME for Biology and History of Science a LOOOOONG time ago. Less suffering, and I actually learn SO MUCH MORE in less than one year than I did in the past 2.5 years as BME. Ah wells, I'm staying for one extra year to complete my studies, but I liked my majors, so I don't really mind.

IRG- It's where we ran into each other. Oh beautiful rose garden. Too bad, I'm too busy to actually post regular there right now. Most of the time, I'm just lurking there during these past few months. But, my love for Utena has not ended. That much is true. Anthy, Utena, Shiori, and Nanami, you are my favorite fictional girls. <3<3<3

Immortal Emperor- There's a point in time I identify myself much with Miki. And, this was how I used to end most of my LJ in the past. I don't do that anymore because I'm kind of tired from this LJ signature. Not to mention, I find myself more and more unlike Miki. I need a new LJ sig.

queer- On a Kinsey scale, I'd be a 4 or a 5. That is all I can say :p I have IRG to thank for opening me up to things. And, my old suitemate (Thanks, Kent)

I think this shall be my new LJ signature,

~In the name of all that's beautifully grotesque and grotesquely beautiful~

... way too long -_- but it'll do until I figure out something better.
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Recently, I got into a webcomic called Sfeer Theory. Much of it is still WIP, but I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!!! This Valentine fanfic I'm attempting is actually borrowing two characters from the talented Chira and Muun.

Tade and Durante. They haven't made their appearance in the story yet, and with Tade and Durante supposedly NOT thinking at the same plane as normal people would, it's really hard to grasp their character. Tade, I kiiiinda had to make him a bit OOC, and the same for Durante, whose personality, as far as I'm concerned... I don't know. Based on Chira's description, Durante is very shy and barely talked when he was a kid. Speaking shamelessly here, that kinda reminded me of who I was when I was in elementary school. Ppl thought I was from remedial class because I didn't say anything when they asked me what my name was. And, I remember running down the street in thick coat, like a penguin who's also a terrible accident-prone (I've stepped on my own shoelace and sent myself flying, for one, but I figured Durante is a lot more alert than I was, therefore, not an accident-prone, but I still picture him walking like a penguin when he's a kid. Don't ask)

Long story short... what was supposed to be an effort to be faithful to the characters... turned into a shameless self-insert. -_-

After asking Chira questions about Tade and Durante, I figured that they'd make a decent "couple". NOT ROMANTIC COUPLE. But, just... couple. Those of you who watched Revolutionary Girl Utena, I figured it's something like what Utena and Anthy shared. And, hey! It kinda works because Utena's a straight girl and Anthy's... blank.

Anyways, without further ado, here's my last-minute attempt at a Valentine fanfic for Sfeer Theory. I still suck at verb tense consistency. Please, do point out parts of the writings that don't make sense to you.

I need to sleep nao. PCR tomorrow @ 7 :(



The sun of February, the dangerous, flaming ball hanging high above the sky, didn’t seem to be doing its job today. It’s bright and yellow as usual, but its heat failed to penetrate the atmosphere as the people down on earth only felt the brutally cold breezes waltzing on the street every once in a while.

Why does it matter?

It doesn’t. Not to him.

Well, not entirely. Half an hour of bright sun and cold wind is a recipe for headache for just about anybody. Why would it be an exception for little Durante?

He probably felt the pounding from the inside of his temples, and it’s probably irritating. But, even if that was the case, he face wouldn’t reveal any sign of that, and his lips glued shut. Actually, he hasn’t been talking to anyone a year since he woke up from that death-like comatose of his. Just last week, a female guest of the Uitspan manor spotted the little one taking his tiny steps across the hallway, found him to be, and quote, “Just absolutely the most adorable thing I have seen in days”, decided to approach Durante and asked him what his name was.

And the boy just looked up at her and did nothing else but stare.

Those who don’t know him will probably think that he’s either mute or mentally challenged. No, wait, if he was taken in by Balzac as a student, there was no way he was dumb.

Still, that does not change the fact that the boy was not exactly a social butterfly. Definitely nothing like his grandfather Dante, whose power once posed a great threat to the empire. People would probably find it more believable if someone tells them that Durante was actually adopted by Dante’s descendants.

Regardless, there’s Dante’s descendant, scurrying down the street, wrapped in his wooly brown coat, his wooly yellow scarf, and his wooly, somewhat discolored, brown pants.

Meanwhile, a group of children played kickball on the street, and one of the boys knocked the ball with a little too much force from his head.

“Watch out!” the boy screamed at the little brown thing currently targeted by the ball from the sky.

Only the ball did not land squarely on Durante’s little noggin like the boy had expected and feared because immediately after the boy’s yell, Durante stopped in his track. Just a few more steps, and he would have walked right into the trajectory of a red leathery sphere about the size of his own head.

And there he stood as if he was a little, leafless bush rooted to the ground. Few seconds later, he picked up his feet and started walking again.

“Little help?” Either he did not hear the boy’s request, or he just didn’t care. Durante was already miles away from them. Well, his mind always seemed to be, at least.

And, there he was, walking in his little steps like he always had been

Except… he’s picking up the pace. Just a little.

“Vroom- zzzssshhtt~” A car drove down the road and incidentally drove onto a puddle of melted snow as it passed by Durante.

Well, everyone has their moments.

At this time, part of his coat had a darker shade of brown, the left side of his face covered in freezing waterdrops, with some slowly crawling down the strands of his hair, leaving the same icy touch on his scalp. Roughly rubbing his face with the dry area of his sleeve, he then clutched hands together even tighter, his back hunched, and off he went again.

Just then, his half-lidded eyes widened, and he started jogg- well, more like speed-walking. Obviously, something out of the many wonders of the world captured the attention of quiet, apathetic Durante.

After walking a few more blocks, the boy stopped before the door of a townhouse. Could use some renovation. Some paint, maybe. Or at least have the windows fixed, what with it being rusty and crooked and, one day, probably going to drop and crush the skull of some poor soul.


Durante looked at the door for several minutes. Then, as if the world had just started to slow down completely, he reached for the doorknob with his trembling right hand. Very carefully, but very surely.

“NnPahh!!” Actually, no need to bother, it just got jerked open, which in turn caused Durante to jump back. Thank goodness only the soles of his feet were in the air, otherwise, he’d have fallen off the stairs. It’s only five steps, but with the staircases made out of bricks, and the street out of pebbles, that still would have hurt.

Coming out of the building was a woman wearing a shoulder-less purple dress somewhat tattered at the rim of the skirt, and holding a fan with puffy frills decorated at the top edge… And, from the looks of it, she’s definitely above her 30’s. Maybe even 50’s. With all that white powder she applied to her face, it only brought out the folds of skin on her forehead and her cheeks and made them appear more revolting. And, her choice of lipstick, well, there’s no need to go that far.

Behind her, there’s an annoying mix of loud piano-playing, giggling fits, wild laughs, and, my-oh-my, a good number of girlish screams.

There’s a hunched back little boy standing before a brothel.

A boy at least 10 years too young to be anywhere near a brothel.

What the hell’s he doing here?

The woman turned her head and asked, “One of you got a kid for a client here?!"

“That would be me!” It was the voice of a man, odd, that, “Sorry, I just went to borrow your toilet, and then he just disappeared on me!”

“You keep watch of you belonging, Tade! Who knows what could be coming after little kids these days!” She then turned to Durante, “He’ll be right out. I got to get back to work.” Durante said nothing in response as the woman returned to the crowd.

After several more minutes of listening to the noises from indoors, a lean, tall man in reddish-orange hair came out and pulled the door shut behind him.

And then the noises were gone.

“Hey, little buddy, where’d you run off to?” Tade grinned as Durante stepped forward and reached for the long slacks in front of him. In a matter of seconds, there’s a brown koala clutching onto Tade’s pants as if he’s holding onto his dear life.

“U-um…” Durante reaches into his coat pocket with his right hand, “here.” He pulled out a small black bag the size of the little boy’s fist. The bag’s nothing fancy, but there’s a red ribbon that tied up the opening rather neatly.

“Ooh, you got me something nice?” Durante passed the bag onto the big palm just a few inches above his head. Upon receiving the bag, Tade pulled the ribbon to take a peek at what’s inside.

It’s a small truffle. Or at least it was truffle. The pocket was probably a little bit too warm for the chocolate.

“I never gotten the chance to say thanks,” what came out of Durante’s mouth sounded like a mosquito’s murmur, “so… yeah.”

Tade looks at the melted glob inside the small bag, then he shifted his glance at the backpack slung around his shoulder, then at little Durante who’s straining his neck to look up at him.

“I got a lot more chocolate here, it’s gonna be too much for me to eat them all.” Tade gives Durante a warm smile, “Unless you want some, too?”

For a second there, Durante’s eyes lit up, “Okay!”


Man that was short fic O_O Whether you liked it or not, I thank you for having bothered to get this far.

And an awesome Valentine (or Chinese New Year) to you all!

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<input ... ></input><input ... >
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It was snowing pretty heavily all day. Finally stopped in the afternoon. I haven't been outside for two days now. I can only see from the parking lot outside the window of my apartment that it's pretty cleared up. The sun's also pretty bright, so the snow should start melting soon enough.

So does that mean no snow day tomorrow? :(
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So um...

I don't get the whole Akihiko/Mitsuru fan-shipping. Because aside from the fact that they're both high school seniors and been working together as SEED, I see nothing between them.

Akihiko and Shinjiro, we miiiiight have something to talk about here. Or maybe even Akihiko and Ken just for having Shinjiro between them.

I actually see a lot of potential in shipping Mitsuru/Yukari.

End of my Persona 3 rant.
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It's 3:30 AM.

I'm reading a book that I have to turn in in 5 hours.

But, I can't concentrate because I'm daydreaming.

I'm a serious daydreamer. I love to imagine stories, be it someone else's story or my own. Sometimes I do a crapload of self-insert into those stories. It's less serious if it's a self-insert in my own fantasy, but if I do a self-insert in someone else's story, it feels harder to pull myself back to reality.

I just had another semi-self-insert fantasy a while ago after reading a webcomic... this one: http://www.thedreamercomic.com/

American history has never been this sexy. Well, an American history expert can disagree with me on this. Definitely.

Somebody shoot me.

In short, daydreaming gets scary when you look around again and find yourself in front of a computer, and a book that you've barely turned a page.

I'm not afraid of not finishing stuff on time.

It's a more abstract fear, almost like waking up. Something's hit you in the head. More like pinching, actually, and I can point to you the precise region of my brain where I feel the pinching. It doesn't hurt, but it tickles and it generates anxiety.

But then I gotta go out and eat and study and talk to people, and then I'll be putting this behind me.

And need to go to the bathroom after I'm done writing this.

I'm taking advantage of writing LJ entry about my own personal psychological drivel because:

A. I'm more emotionally expressing as the night grows darker.
B. I think I sound smart.
C. I'd rather do this than reading a book.
D. I need food. Nao.
hiraku: (Default)
Unspoken domain, upon the edge of cosmos
Like a fortress, solitary but not abandoned.
Forceful yet intangible, full-moon exclusive existence
That which is unshaken and stationed.

Unspoken fireflies, pinned to Nyx's violet shroud
Eternal servants to the Mistress of Tapestry.
Speechless yet for eternity sing, monotonous existence
That which is the spawns of the angelic tree.

Shimmer and Voices,
Diction and performance, Witchcraft!
Invocation and waltz,
Desire for ultimate soul craft!

My! How the time has passed, and no creation so worthy!
Through rockets and mirrors, not a creation so worthy!

Yet the one singing in the other world-- It was I!

Luna! Mercury! Venus! Solar!
I am that daemon whom I have been calling!
Martian! Jovian! Saturn! Stellar!
Yes, I am the daemon flying with the butterfly wing!

Time is rushing, yet I am unmoving,
And the world is waltzing, unknowingly spinning.

Leave the ball at strike of twelve,
Flying now,
My wings are splitting across the Mistress' gown.
And, the other side of the door -
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