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I should post this for wanderers of cyberspace.

A point in blogging is communication. If you would like to read my entries, however, please friend me, and I'll friend you back.

My life isn't the most interesting thing in the world, but it's important nonetheless :)
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Alright, no sugar-coating here.

Reason I'm here on dream width is because some of the people whom I follow on LJ decided to come here.

Hooray for one more room in the bandwagon!

Apparently, there's been problem in handling LJ. I haven't experienced it myself, but, hey, I can crosspost here to LJ, and I can import entries, so why not? And, in case I do run into problem on LJ, I can stick with dreamwidth... for a while.

This could prove interesting. Plus I dig the red-centered layout.
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Sometimes, it keeps things safe. But, when there's problem because of it, that's the call for change.

That can go for a lot of things, in various aspects of life, in healthcare, in government, in education, etc.

And, recently, in art, too, it would seem. A profession which I thought was a fairly free-style profession where people can go about expressing themselves creatively.

I am referring to this incident at SDCC'11. http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/2011/07/sdcc-11-listen-to-dan-didio-respond-to-the-fan-who-told-dc-to-hire-women/

Didio, co-publisher of DC Comics, was being told by a fan to hire more women, then was being pointed out that the percentage of women being hired went down from 12% to 1% in the comic industry. He immediately responded, "What do those numbers mean to you?"

The fan was in the middle of responding--

"What do they mean to you? Who should we hire?"

First off, cutting off a guy when he's still talking is rude. Mr. Didio, you're a professional. You should know better.

Second, do not become aggressive when someone pointed out, "something is wrong." Even though you're the boss man, you, unfortunately, work in an industry where you dedicate your life to entertain the public. Granted, being an artist should mean that you should not confine yourself to other people's wishes, but to be honest, I see this as giving more diverse range of people the opportunity to express their own creativity.

I for one, am interested in seeing an evolution in art style. I feel that lately, comic superheroines have been depicted to be wearing less and less. (re: Harley Quinn) Is DC turning into a 2D version of Playboy? Well, to be honest, I always felt that it kinda is, but with this reduction of women staffs in the DC comic, that says a lot to me. If I were to be asked, "What do those numbers mean to you" by Didio, I would answer that, "It means that female characters, for the most part, were being portrayed by men. While I'm not saying that men don't have accurate understanding of the opposite sex, some probably do. But, for once, I would like to see a major comic, where the superheroine, and her story, is being told by a woman. We're missing out on potentially insightful character developments through a wider range of perspectives."

Yeah, I'm not that eloquent in public. I'll probably stutter like that guy in reality. That and I am refraining from stating that I'm feeling that DC is turning into a 2D playboy for boys to drool over, which can be a turnoff for many readers. I'm not against sex or sexuality, but like everything else, I feel that the element needs to be played out well.

Furthermore, on hiring women in mainstream comics. I feel that there are LOTS of pretty established artists out there who have been known to write brilliant plots and character developments. I'm going to refrain from naming "a few" because it will be a lot, and many of the women artists I would have listed here in this livejournal have already commented about the situation at SDCC and actually didn't really care for being hired by DC comic. So, I don't intend to direct any unwanted attention to them.

So, DC, I think it's a good time to start looking around more. Find out who else is out there that deserves your attention. I honestly think widening your employee demographics will do you a world of good.
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Welp. It's been a good year. Good not great. But, it's good, and I'm happy with it.

1. Managed to pull a 3.5. Not in my science gpa, but that doesn't matter.
2. Starting to establish a tutoring program on campus, something in the club that I hope will mean something important in the long run.
3. Am going for something solid in research, and that's always a good thing
4. Learning German and loving it

1. Started attempting to draw people... lots of drawback, but lots of progress comparing to what I was capable of then

1. Made 5 new solid friends IRL. And, at least 4 solid ones online.
2. Possibly the most productive Christmas, considering I mailed out 21 Christmas cards.
3. Still going strong with everyone I met in the rose garden!
4. Am learning Tai-Chi... slowly...

Goal for 2011 (even though I said I have no resolution, after thinking about it, I lied. I do)
1. Graduate with honors for sure
2. Get into a decent med school at least by the end of 2011 (So that goes without saying kick ass with MCAT)
3. Pass on the student group to people who will make it even more awesome
4. Learn Wen-Chung fist
5. Do masters (???)
6. Actually get started with my story
7. Try to go to an anime/manga/comic con where my favorite webcomic artists will be around

That shall be all... happy new year everyone!
And to put an end to 2010, I give you this.

You're a Champion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qcTKcum5EI
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I applied for private loan this year. Sallie Mae has already sent the message to my school. 

Yesterday I saw it on my account.

So, why did it disappear today?! O_O Do I not deserve to get the loan?! 

I sincerely hope this is just a part of the glitch in the process. If nothing progresses tomorrow, I'm calling fin. aid office.

In other news, I have an ulcer at the back of my throat (suggestions for remedy, anyone?). I imagine it's because of the increasing stress load I've been having. 

1. Classes are coming up (need to get textbook), not sure if I'll make it through alive.
2. Stupid standardized testing made me realize how much I've forgotten over the last 4 years O_O Well, make the best out of the next 6 months or so before actually taking the test.
3. Money for tuition. Fin aid, please help make this happen.
4. Experiment, will it work? Transfection has been sucking lately. Let's hope it's only because of the cell types and not the plasmid. Because the latter is MUCH more difficult to produce than the former. Well, not difficult, but very tedious, nontheless.

In other, better news, I finished the prologue. So, that's something worth celebrating. Now I can move on to Chapter 1.

I think I'll draw something today. Maybe. I use Valkyrie Profile as warm-ups.

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No wonder I feel like CRAP.

That and the fact that it's raining out.

Mmmmmm........ I think the source of my distress today is the fact that I have 6 more weeks before classes start. That's gonna be CRAZY!!!!

I think I might need to drop a class. We shall see. Hopefully, I can also get much of the research project done. That is something I will need to discuss with the PI tomorrow when I see him.

Need to take care of a couple of things tonight...

1. Submit e-form
2. Get loan
3. Moar stoodie
4. Draw/write like I'm possessed
5. Pray to god that the stupidity that is present in the apartment is now stricken from the human habitat for good
6. Calculate on excel sheet
7. Try to get up EARLIER for once

Ah the lucky 7. Now I feel better.

My inspiration... I'm keeling eet. Welcome to Monday. XD

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I'm turning off the AC.

Also, pretty happy that I'm making some progress with my MCAT studies. G-man was right. You have to keep up with the study on a daily basis. It's good. :)

Why am I posting an LJ here today?

Because I absolutely hate my twitter friends XDDDDDD I love Axis Power Hetalia. THEY love Axis Power Hetalis. And with the latest updates on APH dub coming up on youtube, ALL I CAN FUCKING THINK ABOUT IS "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA.... LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!!!!"

I can't sleep because that song... that cheesy addicting song... is whirring in my head.... mocking me and my sanity!

But, oh god!!! Germany's voice... it's EXACTLY how I envisioned it to be! And Japan and his Engrish LOFRMAO.

Okay. I'm gonna let this Hetalia-fancraze simmer for a while... and try to draw some fanart.



Jul. 4th, 2010 08:23 pm
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I'm so happy!

I haven't done much studying, tbh, and with the way budget is concerned, I actually can't take any summer classes. Oh well.

Money sucks. I still need to figure out how to pay for shit for next year. But it'll be figured out, I'm sure.

So, why am I still happy?

I managed to draw a fanart that I promised Chira that I'd do one day. Well, I don't think it really matters to her, what with her having important things to worry about, but since I was the one who said I'd do it one day, I need to stick with it out of principle.

It's not perfect, but the idea is there. I'll fix it in the future when I come back to it. (Most people do come back to their artworks, it's normal)

I also drew up a couple of stuff last night for my OC characters. Namely, Urban. I'll scan it later on tonight.

I'm also happy that I can draw expressions better now. More or less.

Here's to hoping for a better future for my artistic endeavors! (While studying for my real career... <_<|||)

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Okay, here's what's happening.

I'm in front of a laptop with a purpose. Or at least I tell myself. I promised myself to finish certain fics. Now that I made the promise to finish a fic for Honeydew Syndrome (A three-part fic), I now have 3 fics to work on. (Hooray for personal projects!)

Sadly, I tend to have writer blocks, as I would for normal academic research papers. And, I would wait it out.

That's obviously not working out because I just wasted 5 beautiful hours of my life DDDDDDDX

I'm gonna try a different approach. After posting this, I'm gonna turn off this computer. Get out notebook and pen, and write things the old-fashion way, while staying locked in my room until I'm done.

Yep. Nothing will disturb me. Except my occasional sex fantasy.

I'm still not able to draw people. For some reason, bony cheeks and angry eyes are a pain! That and fingers. <_<

I've been pushing off a fanart for over 3 months now, too :( This doesn't look good.

But, I feel that... there's something to drawing for comic that's different from real life drawings. You get to... omit certain features of the human body, and it would STILL look unique and cute. How do these artists do that?! That's the freaking essence of Chibi drawing! :D

... I forgot what Tade and Durante look like already... I'm shipping these two bros for the bromance! Is that possible? Shipping a couple that's NOT a romantic couple?

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I have to jot these dreams down before I forget!

1. Building an actual museum with another person. I'm... not sure what the theme was, but I know it was going to be awesome! We were building a dog skeleton out of a box of lego. At first I thought, "Wait, we're NOT getting a REAL dog skeleton?" But then he asked me, "So, do you think it's a good idea to have a box of legos, so kids can try to build their own dog?"

What an excellent idea! Interaction in museum, lots of exhibits don't do that!

Then we move on to outside, and we're deciding what to do with something that looks like a clock decorated with TONS of sunflowers. This guy said he needs to figure out what to do with this, or it's a waste of his gold bricks.

Then I moved on to the next dream

2. Nighttime in the library. It was odd... My family was visiting, and they forbid me to go to the library to study unless they get to go with me. Thank goodness for the strangely HUGE crowd outside, and the massive mix of rain and snow. I was able to lose them. It was weird though. The scenery did NOT look like the campus. There were wooden boards and stuff that reminded me of pirate ship (There's no pirate ship, but there're scattered wooden boards). Then I finally arrived at the library. And, people were playing movies loudly. It was natural because the first floor of the school library is usually the area where people can converse and stuff. But then, there's this platform, where people are congregating. Apparently, they were some kind of vampire club or something. Pay no heed (much). I proceeded to one of the computer, and then Stormy Skyped me! I was kinda hesitant because I'm in the library. But I went ahead and clicked accept anyway.

Then I moved on to the last dream, sorry Stormy, didn't get to talk much with you in the dream, but I must say, your dream voice was a lot deeper than the voice I imagined you to have. Also, you shaved.

3. Medical drama. I finally get a glimpse on what House would potentially look like IF House is NOT being a jackass. OMG... so... lame... The show was apparently a British version of House, but instead, it was called "Dr. Kitch, M.D." And, yeah, no jackassery, the medical drama... is so boring... (I already am not a fan of medical drama in the first place) At then in my dream, a sign shows up saying, "House, a new family doctor". House came in and smashed one of his patients with a hammer in order to perform a diagnosis. Then white piece of cloth gets attached to the hammer. Then I moved back to Dr. Kitch. This whole time, I was not watching a TV. I was IN the medical drama. Sort of.

Then I woke up, and here I am.

It didn't make sense to me then when I was still in my dreams, but now that I think about it... I think I know why I dreamt a "Dr. Kitch".
Because lately I've been addicted to this funny shit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48qkAy256_M
Lord Kitchener is awesome! Bow down to his greatness!!


I Want You

Jun. 22nd, 2010 06:26 pm
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... Really, Alfred? Well, whether you want me or not, as of June 22, 2010, I'm now officially a citizen of United States of America.

That to me spells awesome. Sure, I have to miss a HUGE chunk of my days at the lab, but I'd like to think it's worth it.

The only reason I'm not really comfortable with the process of becoming US citizen is that I actually kinda wished to have been able to do this in Texas rather than in Maryland. No offense to Marylanders, but having spent over 10 years of my life and a huge portion of my childhood in Sugar Land and Houston, Texas means a lot to me, even though it was a time of major economic hell for the rest of my family and they would like to move out of TX asap. (I would still come back and visit and stuff. I don't know where I myself will end up in)

I don't care what anyone says, Texas is one of the best states in America O_O Even if they're absolutely horrible with their recycling management system, and have cut down so many many trees just to make space for more Targets and Walmart (you monsters), I still love Texas.

Damn you sentimental values! I wish you dead and burned horribly while rotting in hell! D:


PS: For those who do not know who Alfred is, it is the name of the personification of America in the famous web manga "Axis Power Hetalia". America is named "Alfred Jones", England is "Arthur Kirkland", France is "Francis Bonnefoy", Italy is "Feliciano Vargas", and so on... It's a fun manga. Plus, I prefer to think of America as Alfred instead of the old Uncle Sam. :p Alfred's more accurate portrayal of America: fat, always eating something, always try to be heroic, have no idea what other countries look like, wants England dead, and always borrow video games and movies from his best friend, Japan.
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I don't like rap.

Because most of the rap that I hear... the lyrics are horrible. Most of them.

From time to time, I've heard some nice ones. Recently, for example, I got into Nujabes. Courtesy of a certain lady whose name starts with the letter E and her last name the letter W.

This woman (wonderful artist, by the way, and an extremely chill gal to chat with), she got me hooked on Nujabes with "The Final View".

I have no idea where she found her music. Many of them, they don't disappoint.

... I just got distracted from listening to "Dr. Kitch" :p

Anyways back on topic... oh wait, it says "pointless ramblings", oh, I'm good, then.

Anyways, what is going on with my life? I'll be having my summer classes starting this July. Roman Culture. Should be fun :D Somehow, I feel that not taking genetics during the summer is a blessing in disguise. At least, I HOPE it is a blessing in disguise. June has been fairly busy already with 3 works going on. Going to part-time a few hours in the morning, then head for research for the afternoon. Then at night, I... don't necessarily feel like doing anything.

Actually, I feel like killing somebody. There is a very, VERY good reason why people should NOT look down on English class. At all. Fair warning here for the most of you. Don't ever, EVER take English for granted. You will never get away from writing papers. Of course, there are occupations that do not require essay-writing, but most do. Actually, even if not for your jobs, writing is a very important form of communication. Most people do mind that you are able to write proper English. Seriously.

Okay, done ranting. Granted, I'm not the most perfect English speaker/writer, but I value language.

... ... In other news, back to my life. I think I am gonna start finding places to start shadowing/doing clinical stuff. If I'm aiming for pre-med, I need to get out of the comfort zone as often as possible.

Being nice isn't my second nature, but it's part of what I want to be.

In other news, I'm posting on LJ today because I felt a big change is happening. Good friend of mine is leaving the lab for med school after today/tomorrow, so things are gonna be very different for the next two years I will be in lab.

Let's see where life takes us.

... Oh! Also, someone, I don't know who it is, actually "Favorite" one of my random sketches that I posted on my deviantart! http://hiraku536.deviantart.com/#/d2rq4xq
I didn't think it was that great, but I am happy nonetheless that someone out there likes my stuff :3 I'm touched. Thanks!

Anyhoo, to bed. I need to go to this summer orientation thing for the next two days. I pray my cells will behave and play nice during my leave of absence. Added 20 mL of media to keep them happy for a while.

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It's done...

I never thought that day would come, but when it does, I don't know what to say... T_T

It met my expectations! It's not everyday that I read a story and didn't bitch about how it SHOULD'VE ended.

I think it's because Hiromu Arakawa-sensei really took to heart the concept of "Lesson with sacrifice". The characters all struggled and worked so hard for the things they wanted.

Some people lost their lives. Some lost something very important to them. What I do like, however, is how the characters grew and learned the price they must pay for protecting the things they hold dear. Mrs. Bradley is one of the many good examples of that. I liked the fact that she is no longer a fuhrer's wife kept sheltered from the truth out there. She knew her "son" is a monster, and yet she still has hope for sharing a happy life with him. That takes courage. And, she earned my respect right there.

And Greed... aww :-/ He really came around for Ed, Al, and most importantly, Ling. Part of me wondered what would've happened if he managed to survive. But, Ling's got to count on himself to get his shit done someday rather than counting on some godly power if he wants to be a good emperor for Xing.

Roy, I don't know if he still wanted to be a Fuhrer in the future. Maybe I missed out on it, but I'm curious what he saw that forced him to trade his eyes at that time. Regardless, whatever it was, that experience really changed him, somehow... He IS gonna be very busy now, as he had always (?), but the promise he made to Ishvalians, hmm... I don't want to jump to conclusions. "The punishment for the dreamer". His original desire to be a fuhrer. Not that it's unattainable, but he needs to perhaps build a "better foundation" and go from there to be truly qualified for the position as a leader. Setting his goal on revising the policy for the Ishvalian is a smaller goal, but it keeps him "grounded", in my opinion.

What do I know? :p

Ed and Al... you guys have been awesome. Looking out for each other's back until the very end. You did not hesitate to give up things important to you for the other. So many things I wanna say about you guys, but I'm gonna keep it short for you two. Because this blog post will suffer if I start going on and on about you two like a fucking opening floodgate.

I'm happy for you two. I really am. And, no matter how much you guys have changed, I'm so happy to see that you two never stopped being silly duos. :D

Whelp, that's all the rants I wanna say about the ending for FMA. I'm looking forward to Arakawa-sensei's next work. I did not like FMA at first, but the manga really drew me in. It's silly, learning from a manga. (Hey, I learned a lot from a lot of manga and anime. *Cough*Utena*Cough*) I think FMA is by far my favorite Shonen manga, just like how Utena's my favorite Shoujo. That won't change for a LOOONG while.

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Family trip to Canada... visiting Niagara Falls...

I do enjoy it.

I also found that I enjoyed it more when not being with my family. -_-

I'm not trying to be mean, but the downside of being the smallest is that you're being treated as one, and you as a person tends to be compared to how dumb you used to be, and to get out of that image is so very difficult. They see me as biologically 22, but they refused to see me as actually 22.

I look around and see 10 year olds who are following their parents... Yeah, I don't feel I'm being treated any different from they are.

On a non-complaining, rambling note, I loved the Niagara Falls! The trip only lasted for a day, but it was somewhat worth it!

Just wished the hotel I stayed at actually had inexpensive internet connection ($12.99 a night! O_O) Well, I suppose the overpriced service is being used to pay for the taxes that will hopefully go into the healthcare in Canada that's at this point still somewhat crippling in the states.

But dammit, I wanted internet T_T My room is shit comparing to the ones in the hotel, but at least I have internet! :D

... Is it weird that I now have a hetalia fan comic idea in mind right now? It has to do with comparing Alfred's room and Matthew's room. Matthew's clean, neat, and very nice and quiet and polite to his guests, while Alfred's dumping stuff everywhere, sometimes with roach crawling, you'd see him lazing around on the couch playing the video game he borrowed from Japan (again), feet on the table, talks to people in lazy, apathetic tone.

Sorry, I personally am an internet addict. I can't really live without it. What with my work life entirely depends on it for communication purpose. Not to diss Canada or anything. I'm sure it's really just that particular hotel that has very pricey internet service.

PS: Motivation to study for MCAT begins NOW!
PPS: Motivation to study begins AFTER celebrating for friend's good-bye party tomorrow night. Really sorry, IRG :( I really wish to visit the chatroom in the evening to celebrate 6-9-10 IRG day, but my friend's gonna head off to pursue his MD/pHD program somewhere else in America for the next 7 years. I'll make it up to you guys with a Saionji/Utena crack fic this week, I SWEAR!
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I look at my planner and see how many things I've accomplished in the past few days.

Who's been neglecting his MCAT? (me)

I kinda wished June 16 is here already... that's when my parents will go back home o_o

In any case, I also need to get started on my drabble. Tonight, though, my brain's on the slow side. I need more coffee, maybe.

Remember how I said things might be picking up for me?

Meh... Until I get my astrocytes transfected with lentiviral-luciferase... I can't really start yet. But, I have high hopes.

Now, what I'm really dreading is the trip to Canada... with my parents. My dad, he complains about everything. If I don't end up pushing him over into the Niagara Fall by the end of the day, that is good in my book.

On a much brighter news, though, I found someone online who's a comic artist and a pre-med. :3 It gave me a certain boost of confidence that you CAN be a story teller and a doctor in the future.

In other news, I just wasted the last 30 minutes on youtube watching this:

... among other equally scary videos...

I don't fucking care what other people say. That was freaky!!!

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If you see this, either on my LJ or my facebook account, and comment, I have to:

1. Respond with something random about you.

2. Tell you which color you remind me of.

3. Tell you my first memory of you.

4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.

5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.

6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.

7. Tell you my least favorite thing about you.

8. Challenge you to post this on your journal, or some blog of some sort
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Final for Cell Biology.

I'm just hoping for the best...
Then I have final project to attend to before the end of the day on Monday (aka. 11:59 PM)

Here's hoping for the best.

In other news, because of a certain DA, I'm now listening to "Band of Horses". It's a nice band. Not all of the music stands out for me, but some do. *nods*

I can dig this.

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While diligently studying for Cell Biology, I got distracted by something from Hetalia fandom.

My god... I didn't think Germany X US would be possible, but OHHHHHHH!!!! It's there! It's awesome! And I nearly cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even if it's not a hetalia-based story, I'd read it, and LOVE IT!!!!!! It's that good...

Oh, I'm crying again... Alfred and Ludwig are so sweet on one another T_T And then there's Gilbert... and Feliciano (for a little bit), and Elizaveta... never before have I seen Hungarian being put into the spotlight like this one. This fanfiction is wonderful!!!

This fanfiction also has me totally convinced to start learning German next year. http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/11411.html?thread=24226195#t24226195

If you're not part of the hetalia community fandom, you won't be able to read the sex scene. You're not missing much if you skip that chapter, but that chapter also has a delightful bit beforehand of Alfred attempting to communicate with Ludwig's brother in German, albeit unsuccessfully. (So adorable...)

Read "Die Buchhandlung"!!!

Okay, gotta get back to mitotubules now.

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... to get started on my fanfic again?

I technically started my FE fanfiction a long time ago. During my college freshman year.
And then I stopped... because life happened. And, I've had some serious writer's block. I've been constantly exposed to new ideas and muses, and for the most part, didn't really know how to put them to use.

First time when I wanted to write a Fire Emblem fanfiction... it was because I personally wasn't really happy with the way certain things happened for some of the characters in the FE6 and FE7 story. Mostly FE7. The story's good, but I guess I was hoping for... a possible deeper relationship among some of the characters in the game?

Hey, that's why people write fanfiction, right?

So then later on, I got into Persona, and the rest of the Shin Megami Tensei series. And, I went, wow... FE + SMT... that'd be an insane crossover. Such a shame I don't have that creative a mind myself to set up a world like Elibe, or a system that involves calling out a deified version of your alter ego.

I've decided that I'm definitely gonna go through with this story. No matter what it takes, I'll bring Uther to the ending he will be getting. *nods*

Yep, that's the plan. If you'd like to read my snippets and see the horrible crap I passed off as "drawings", feel free to drop me a line via email, message, comment, or something and ask for my DA account. Or just track me down. They're pretty crap. You've been warned. Best prepare holy water for your eyes. Or something -_-

Alright, I gotta nappy. Then I have to get up tomorrow and start studying... -_-

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... at least half of the people I ended up following on deviantart (or as you would call, Deviantwatch) are also people who have been drawing and posting on y-gallery???

<_< >_>

They are honest-to-god great artists! Every last one of them. But, then, there IS some sort of style that I personally prefer, but the ones I like... the lines and everything look so very flowing. It's soothing. Even if some of the drawings involve some seriously intense banging, it was soothing. (weird)

I need to work on my linings... and tons of other things. Mine, I can tell I'm still sorta struggling.

But, dammit, I will get better!

After finals week... May 17th... end of another semester and onward to my final year of college.

In other news...
Due to a certain person online and her strange influence on me, I am now officially ADDICTED TO EVERYTHING IVALICE!!!!! Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Advance (well... not really), Tactics Advance 2, FF12, FF12RW (haven't played this one yet)

I'm now listening to "Crossing over the hill" from FFTA2. My god... Ivalice... possibly one of the best RPG worlds ever created in history of RPG video games! I kinda hope they will make more games based on Ivalice (of course, not so much that it ends up being boring, but that'll never happen to Ivalice!!!)

I'll shut up now

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