Mar. 27th, 2010

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Whelp, Cell Bio didn't go as well as I had hoped. Here's to hoping that when I get my test back, I get earn some points back, too.


Last night was amazing in that I got to meet with a friend from South Africa. Carole Baekey's her name. Eee!!! Carole's so awesome! She took time from her busy schedule (right after work, she came to the dinner party that was arranged by her friend).

At DC, EVERYTHING'S pricey! But, hey, only having to pay 35 buckaroonies, it's not as bad as I thought it would be to be perfectly honest. The food was nice. And, since it was an Italian restaurant. I pretend to have a domineering German aura when I eat. Ahh... Eating Hetalia... I ate this ravioli dealio that has potato stuffing in it... it was called... something starting with "Gro-" something.

Could it be Ludwig and Veneciano's secret fruit of their love??? Only time will tell! (GermanyxItaly shipper... and a little bit of Germanyx Prussia... preferably Prussia as the one who tops... ooh... maybe there should be a PrussiaxGermanyxItaly threesome!!!!! Why hasn't ANYONE thought of that?! Hm... should I bring Poland into this orgy? Not England, though, you need to get England drunk to get him to sleep with anyone, to be honest)

I got to meet a twin sister of a friend of mine. My god, even though they "look" the same. Immediately right when you look at them both, you KNOW who is the crazy one.

However, I leave that a mystery. I think they'd prefer that, too.

Hm, what else???

AHHH!!!! I GOT TO SEE AKSHAY!! MOST AWESOME INDIAN GUY I'VE KNOWN!!! And possibly the only guy who caught my ninja camera skill. <_< Must train MOAR!

Well, most people I know are sitting at one table, so I ended up choosing another table where... I have no idea who anybody is. It was great! I got to meet a Hopkins alumni, 2 guys, umm... they were representing... Peace Sport? Peace Play? I'm... not sure. Tom and Brian, I believe. (I remember "Tom" because the first Tom I know was the Myspace Tom, so THAT was easy to remember :D) I know too many Brian's XD

Also got around to meet Nicola and her husband (I THINK he's her husband...) Funny guy, that. The whole table talked much about South African politics. I... know nothing. So, I took the role of "ABSORBING". (South African British accent is wonderful... :))

Dr. Ball recommended me to read My Traitor's Heart. Yeah... It's been on my list for a while. I just never got around to make the time to pick it up from the library. (Sorry, Graham and Val. I remembered how often you guys encouraged us to read it! I have brought you great dishonor XD)

Ahh... there's so much I want to talk to Carole about, and a whole lot I'd like to talk about with Akshay, Steph, and Carole's brother, too. But, eh, when you're in a 70-people banquet, so many socialization, so little time :-/

Wheeeelp, at least I got their emails (Except Steph's, but since she's my friend's sister, good enough)

At least I found out from one of Carole's friend that everyone who knows Carole is pushing her to write her memoir/biolgraphy. I'm gonna join the bandwagon and push her to write a book so long as she's still walking.

Highlights of my day, highlights of my day, highlights of my day...

Oh yeah, at the bar counter, I got around to meet this guy named Tax Harris. Right. Got to remind myself that next time I go to Africa and meet Dave A, I'll let him know that "Tex Harris says hi"

Alright, gotta get back to finishing the ppt presentation tonight or I'm dead.



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