Jun. 14th, 2010

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I don't like rap.

Because most of the rap that I hear... the lyrics are horrible. Most of them.

From time to time, I've heard some nice ones. Recently, for example, I got into Nujabes. Courtesy of a certain lady whose name starts with the letter E and her last name the letter W.

This woman (wonderful artist, by the way, and an extremely chill gal to chat with), she got me hooked on Nujabes with "The Final View".

I have no idea where she found her music. Many of them, they don't disappoint.

... I just got distracted from listening to "Dr. Kitch" :p

Anyways back on topic... oh wait, it says "pointless ramblings", oh, I'm good, then.

Anyways, what is going on with my life? I'll be having my summer classes starting this July. Roman Culture. Should be fun :D Somehow, I feel that not taking genetics during the summer is a blessing in disguise. At least, I HOPE it is a blessing in disguise. June has been fairly busy already with 3 works going on. Going to part-time a few hours in the morning, then head for research for the afternoon. Then at night, I... don't necessarily feel like doing anything.

Actually, I feel like killing somebody. There is a very, VERY good reason why people should NOT look down on English class. At all. Fair warning here for the most of you. Don't ever, EVER take English for granted. You will never get away from writing papers. Of course, there are occupations that do not require essay-writing, but most do. Actually, even if not for your jobs, writing is a very important form of communication. Most people do mind that you are able to write proper English. Seriously.

Okay, done ranting. Granted, I'm not the most perfect English speaker/writer, but I value language.

... ... In other news, back to my life. I think I am gonna start finding places to start shadowing/doing clinical stuff. If I'm aiming for pre-med, I need to get out of the comfort zone as often as possible.

Being nice isn't my second nature, but it's part of what I want to be.

In other news, I'm posting on LJ today because I felt a big change is happening. Good friend of mine is leaving the lab for med school after today/tomorrow, so things are gonna be very different for the next two years I will be in lab.

Let's see where life takes us.

... Oh! Also, someone, I don't know who it is, actually "Favorite" one of my random sketches that I posted on my deviantart! http://hiraku536.deviantart.com/#/d2rq4xq
I didn't think it was that great, but I am happy nonetheless that someone out there likes my stuff :3 I'm touched. Thanks!

Anyhoo, to bed. I need to go to this summer orientation thing for the next two days. I pray my cells will behave and play nice during my leave of absence. Added 20 mL of media to keep them happy for a while.



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